Massage Therapy Services

Release that shoulder tension, heal that painful spasm, soothe your tired soul.

Julie Robbins: Prenatal, Postpartum, and Massage Therapy for Women:


Julie's Hours: Mon-Fri, 9:30-5pm.


Julie's Signature Massage: A customized blend of NMT, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Thai massage, individualized for your particular needs and preferences. Designed to specifically address your personal concerns, embedded in a wonderful hour of soothing relief. $95-$130. Find out more


Swedish Relaxation Massage: Bliss out with this smooth and flowing Swedish massage designed to increase circulation and downregulate your nervous system. Complementary aromatherapy if desired. $95-$130


Prenatal Massage: I've given over 10,000 prenatal massages, from first trimester to triplets, normal to high-risk. Offered in side-lying position, the safest and most comfortable way to recieve massage during pregnancy. Massage can create a significant reduction in back pain, headaches, hip pain, sciatica, swelling and more. $95-$130. Find out more


Postpartum Massage: Massage is a great way to jumpstart your post-birth recovery: relieve sore muscles from the birth work, reduce back pain from nursing and baby care, test for rectus adominus split (diastasis recti) and learn recovery excersises. Careful abdominal massage can assist in the return of normal digestion and tighten loose skin. When your life is babycare 24/7, take one hour to care for yourself. Because massage increases endorphins, or "happy hormones", many women make it part of plan to prevent/address postpartum depression.  This effect is supported by evidence in recent medical studies as well. When scheduling, please choose "therapeutic massage" and leave a note about your delivery date, and whether it was a vaginal or c-section delivery. $95-$130.


I recommend getting at least one massage as soon as possible after birth, though a four-week waiting period is required if you have had a c-section. If you need to bring the baby and a caregiver, they are welcome to sit in the waiting room. (Free wi-fi available.) If baby needs to nurse before, during, or after a massage, no problem. Let's do whatever it takes to get you some relief!


BirthPartner Massage Coaching:  A 75-minute private coaching session, giving your partner specific comfort and pain relief techniques to help you in pregnancy and labor. Find out more


C-Section Scar Tissue Reduction: A 15-minute add-on to a 60-minute postpartum session after medical clearance. Integrated in to your massage, this gentle cross fiber and small stretching of the connective tissue will help reduce the feel and appearance of scars up to several years old. Includes teaching you the techniques to continue the benefits at home. $15




Session Rates:


(Rates increase by $5 on 4/15/18)

Julie Robbins

Massage Therapy Sessions:


60-minutes:    $95

75-minutes:    $110

90-minutes:    $130


C-Section Scar Reduction: $15


Birthpartner Coaching Session: $110