A customized blend of NMT, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Thai stretching, individualized for your particular needs and preferences. Designed to specifically address your personal concerns, embedded in a wonderful hour of soothing relief.

Offered in side-lying position, the safest and most comfortable way to receive massage during pregnancy. Massage can create a significant reduction in back pain, headaches, hip pain, sciatica, swelling and more.

Massage is a great way to jump start your post-birth recovery: relieve sore muscles from the birth work, reduce back pain from nursing and baby care  and learn recovery exercises. Careful abdominal massage can assist in the return of normal digestion and tighten loose skin. When scheduling, please choose "therapeutic massage" and leave a note about your delivery date, and whether it was a vaginal or c-section delivery.

Sports massage goes beyond promoting relaxation and pain relief. It can help improve performance and prevent injury - in addition to helping the body recover from injuries associated with physical activity.  A more vigorous massage that incorporates additional stretching, sports massage helps release muscle tension, promote tissue repair and improve muscle balance for a safer next workout.

A 15-minute add-on to a 60-minute postpartum session after medical clearance. Integrated into your massage, this gentle cross fiber and small stretching of the connective tissue will help reduce the feel and appearance of scars up to several years old. Includes teaching you the techniques to continue the benefits at home.

An hour and 15 minutes packed full of great hands-on techniques to help your pregnant partner through pregnancy and labor.  A unique private class that covers relevant anatomy, contraindications, relief during pregnancy of common muscular discomforts, massage ergonomics, great pain relief techniques, as well as many other comfort measures. Taught by Julie on Mondays and Fridays only. (If you need other dates, Julie is available for this at www.thewellforwomenct.com.)