Birthpartner Coaching Session: $105

An hour and 15 minutes packed full of great hands-on techniques to help your pregnant partner through pregnancy and labor.  A unique private class that covers relevant anatomy, contraindications, relief during pregnancy of common muscular discomforts, massage ergonomics (because supporting a birthing woman is sometimes an endurance sport), great pain relief techniques (and when and where to use them), as well as many other comfort measures.


What clients like best is that it allows the partner (husband, partner, mother, or friend) to be actively involved in a directly helpful way, easing her discomforts as she goes through the challenges of pregnancy and birthing. The birthing mothers love the relief they feel. Because it brings couples together to work through each contraction as a team, many of them find it intensifies the bonding that birthing a child together can bring.


Formerly I taught this material in a group class as part of the childbirth education offered at Northside Hospital in Atanta, GA. I now teach this occasionally as a group class at Yale-New Haven Hospital, for a lower fee than the private coaching. Please see for details.