Westville Massage is now

The Well for Women.

Our new address: 495 Blake St. New Haven CT 06515

Our LMTs offer customized massage therapy, with special expertise in prenatal massage.  We love to care for you, in a sanctuary where women are at the center. 

Please call or visit our website with questions or to schedule an appointment.   

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Announcing Saturday Community Days at The Well: 


It is at the heart of our mission to provide a sanctuary, an affinity space if you will, to women. We have always had an open definition of "women"-- that is, people identified as female at birth or who identify as female or non-binary. But in acknowledgement that gender can be a multi-faceted and fluid state, and with a belief that all people need massage, we are opening every Saturday for bodywork for people of all genders and identification. Womxn are still at the center here, but now Saturdays can be for everyone!